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We have showcased these Toronto-made products at our events. Check them out and see what the buzz is all about!

Product Hunt TO #9 – Healthcare


Akira provides on-demand access to Canadian doctors by secure text and video. Take out your phone, press a button, and talk to a doctor immediately who can diagnose, write prescriptions, order tests, and refer to specialists. We’re on a mission to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all of humanity.


Meta is an AI that continuously maps and monitors the universe of science, as well as its future horizons. At the heart of Meta is the world’s largest scientific Knowledge Graph, an extensive and evolving network of researchers and entities that together form the universe of scientific knowledge. Meta’s mission is to organize and deliver the world’s scientific and technical information.

Sage Care

Sage makes it really easy for families to get a great home care professional for their aging loved one. Families can text Sage and a qualified care professional who has passed Sage’s rigorous screening is matched with the request. All of our care professionals are armed with our mobile app which let’s them know everything they need to provide great care. Our mission is to make aging in place possible.

Product Hunt TO #8 – Fintech


Borrowell offers affordable, fixed-interest loans giving Canadians a smarter way to manage their debt. 


Plooto is a payment management platform for business payments. Plooto automates and streamlines the way companies pay one another.

Street Contxt

Street Contxt is an intelligent information marketplace built for global Capital Markets. The platform provides smart and actionable insights that allow its users access to personalized information that helps to drive their business. 



Product Hunt TO #7 – Real Estate


PiinPoint is a web based location intelligence platform that helps retail real estate organizations discover, validate, and grow locations. 


Evercondo is a SaaS platform that solves daily communication and management problems between condo residents, condo board members and property managers.


MappedIn provides digital maps and infrastructure to shopping malls, offices, and major retailers. 


Product Hunt TO #5 – Art & Tech


Rithm is a music messaging service that makes it fun and easy to share and play music with friends. With a compelling social music experience and an affordable price point, Rithm is expanding streaming to the mainstream market.


Documenting the future of the art world, Wondereur is a ground-breaking cultural platform capturing the creative process of the most inspiring artists worldwide and providing exclusive access to their work.


Palette is a modular interface that offers tactile controls for editing your best photos. Control Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop with snap-together sliders, buttons and dials. Intuitive, precise and personalized for the ways you work.


Product Hunt TO #4 – Products for Small & Midsize Businesses


ClearFit is revolutionizing hiring for small and medium-sized businesses, by making it fast and easy for anyone to find and hire employees that succeed.


Financeit works with small to medium sized business to offer customers flexible payment plan options for big purchases. By giving customers more ways to pay, our Partners can increase close rates and average transaction size, and grow their business.


Wagepoint is simple, fast and friendly payroll software for small businesses. Wagepoint can handle direct deposits, government remittances, year-end reporting and everything else your small business needs from a payroll standpoint.

Product Hunt TO #3 – Retail


Hubba is a free network for brands and retailers to manage and share product information and product marketing materials with each other.


Rover’s iBeacon platform helps retailers drive sales and deliver a better customer experience by transforming their mobile apps into in-store shopping companions.

Tulip Retail

Tulip Retail provides a cloud-based solution to leading retailers that brings the best of online retail to their brick-and-mortar stores.

Product Hunt TO #2


Uplette allows brands and agencies to create and deploy dynamic, scalable content based on user behavior performance and preferences.

Eve Tab

Eve enables you to get an on-demand VIP experience at the hottest clubs in real-time.


Wealthsimple is a technology-driven investment manager that makes smart investing easy, transparent, and low cost.

Product Hunt TO #1


SIDEKICK enables users to create guided, interactive walkthroughs for any website, plugin, theme or web-based platform.


Volley is a web app that lets you connect with purpose. Create short actionable requests and get introduced to people with the expertise you’re looking for.

Tab Payments

Tab is a mobile payments app for dining. It is a elegant mobile alternative to traditionally paying and splitting restaurant bills. [Acquired by VeloCity]