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Every event needs a keynote speaker! Here are the bright minds who have featured at past events!

Product Hunt TO #9 – Healthcare

Michael Garrity

Nikolai Bratkovski

Nikolai Bratkovski is an entrepreneur with a track record and over 10 years in the healthcare industry. He has founded and exited a medical imaging SaaS company that served 2 million patients a year and a chain of cardiac clinics. As a way to give back, he is on the advisory board at Heart Institute of the Caribbean. Nikolai’s current success is Opencare – a data-driven doctor recommendations engine.

Product Hunt TO #8 – Fintech

Michael Garrity

Michael has spent most of the last 15 years devoted to driving growth in businesses dedicated to innovation in financial services. Prior to co-founding Financeit, Michael was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epost, a world leader in the electronic bill presentment and payment industry.Michael was responsible for leading the team that built the epost customer network which grew to include every major Canadian financial institution, over 100 of Canada’s largest companies and over 3 million online users. Previous to this role, Michael was on the founding team of an Ottawa-based Internet start-up creating online enterprise solutions, on the launch team of a successful Ontario Labour Sponsored Investment Fund and was a management consultant with a Washington, DC based systems integration firm.Michael also served as a Legislative and Special Assistant to a number of Members of Parliament at the House of Commons in Ottawa. Michael attended both the University of Manitoba and Carleton University and holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics.

Product Hunt TO #7 – Real Estate

Brandon Donnelly

Brandon Donnelly is an architect-trained real estate developer, passionate about leveraging technology to improve the industry. He is a Development Manager at CAPREIT, one of Canada’s largest residential apartment companies with nearly 50,000 units under management. He is also the author of Architect This City, which was rated by the Guardian UK as one of the best city blogs in the world. Prior to this, he founded condo review site Dirt. Brandon has a master’s degree in architecture and real estate development from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and Wharton School, and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. In this talk, Brandon focused on his experiences trying to innovate at the intersection of real estate and technology, the many challenges facing entrepreneurs working in this space, and the big opportunities for those who can be successful.

Product Hunt TO’s One-Year Anniversary

Simon Vallee

Simon Vallee is an entrepreneur and product enthusiast. He currently works at Slack, which he joined when Slack acquired his latest startup, Spaces. Before that, he co-founded OpenCal, acquired by Groupon in 2011 and Sitemasher, acquired by Salesforce in 2010. He holds an engineering degree from Polytechnique of Montreal. Simon spoke about building beautiful and highly usable products.

Product Hunt TO #5 – Art & Tech

Joseph Bou-Younes

Joseph Bou-Younes is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Communitech. Prior to that he was the Vice President of Product at 500px. He is responsible for product strategy, prioritization, and execution across all of 500px. Prior to coming to 500px, Joseph consulted to growth and established mobile, gaming, media, eCommerce and SaaS companies in the U.S., Canada and Europe. His practice combined work in design, analytics, and operations to improve growth, engagement, and profitability. Joseph also held a number of product leadership roles at Yahoo in Sunnyvale, California. Joseph holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He spends his spare time with his family, snowboarding, running, and tinkering with computers.

Product Hunt TO #4 – Products for Small and Midsize Businesses

Casey McKinnon

Casey McKinnon is the VP of Product at ecobee. Prior to that he was the Head of Product at FreshBooks. After spending 7 years at Microsoft as a User Experience Program Manager in Redmond, he returned to Canada to found the Product team at FreshBooks 5 years ago. He’s passionate about designing and building amazing products, building world-class product development teams, and constantly improving how we can all work together. He’s also a father of 2 girls, and a player of the Pedal Steel Guitar. Ask him about his recent trip to Nashville and his love for Hot Chicken.

Product Hunt TO #3 – Retail

Breanna Hughes

Breanna is a Product Manager at Universe / TicketMaster. Prior to that she was a Product Manager at Wattpad and Pivotal Labs, where she works with clients ranging from startups to enterprise to help guide and navigate them through the software development process, and make sure they are always building the right thing for their customers. She has worked with clients like Frank and Oak, Metro News and Mountain Equipment Co-Op to bring their mobile apps to market.

Product Hunt TO #2

Ben Yoskovitz

Ben is an experienced product executive and former VP Product at VarageSale. He is the author of Lean Analytics (http://leananalyticsbook.com) and previously founded Standout Jobs (and sold it).